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mikiriakasha's Journal

Mikiri Akasha
21 April
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Soo, let's get this straight.
Then again, maybe not. ;D
My name is Mikiri Akasha, also called Miss Glamour Barbie,
and i'm your usual fairy tale/lolita/rococo addict.
I have a strange attraction to pretty things; heels, frills, lingerie, glitter.
I'm a girl in pursuit of Glamour.
I believe Beauty comes in all forms, I live to represent that every day.
I adore body modification, fashion, and cosmetology.
I'm a recent graduate, and a certified Makeup Artist.
Patience is NOT my virtue. "Nevermind"s drive me up the wall. And don't ruin a surprise.
I wear my heart on my sleeve; it tends to screw me over.
I have an excellent vocabulary, but i say some strange things.
My writing has been called "beautiful, but illegible." and I dot my i's with hearts.
I pick up on people's moods easily.
I can't stand when people are upset, i'll do what I can to brighten their day.
I have a terrible memory, and an awful perception of time.
I'm also an expectant mother. I found out early.
Though it wasnt planned, I will love this baby with all my heart.
I'm really just another girl in search of my personal fairy tale.